I’m living in the wrong Carolina.

Saw Neon Indian perform last night with Com Truise at Local 506 Bar in Chapel Hill, NC. ‘Twas rad. 

Walked down a few blocks after the show to see Girls at Cat’s Cradle. We got there towards the end of the show, so the bouncer let us in for free! 

Me this morning after arriving back in Columbia. A Com Truise album and a rose that the members of Girls threw offstage are what I have to show for last night. Although I was too stoned to realize I purchased the wrong album (“Fairlight” instead of “Galactic Melt”), I’d say it was an excellent night. 

Also, wtf Columbia? I can go to NC, see Neon Indian and Com Truise, then proceed to walk down the street and see Girls. Meanwhile, no big bands ever come through here. It’s like they have something against SC. I’m living in the wrong Carolina.